11 August, 2010

MAC Neon Pigments Review

MAC Neon Pigments in Neo-orange, Magenta Madness and Full Force Violet.    
These are 3 of the 6 MAC Neon Pigments that were originally released in 2008 exclusively at PRO stores. These 3 shades are now permanent at all MAC locations the other 3 are still available exclusively at MAC PRO locations.
                 NEO-ORANGE                            MAGENTA MADNESS                    FULL FORCE VIOLET
When this collection was released I overlooked these colours as they weren't nearly as 'neon' as I had anticipated but while shopping at MAC kings road the other day these stood out like glowing beacons amidst all the brights of the 'Dare To Wear' collection. Don't get me wrong I love brights but matte primary colours are only interesting for so long.

Something about these colours really stood out to me they aren't gaudy neons or chalky pastels they are neon pastels a hybrid of the two without the gaudy or chalkiness.

  • They are all matte and have a white base colour to them.

Neo-Orange [Intense Neon Salmon] -This is more of a radio active orange than I would imagine a 'neon salmon' too look. However it is a very unique colour but at the same time very wearable it blends fantastically in the crease to fade out colours but also works great packed all over the lid for a day-glo look.
This gets a big thumbs up from me.

Magenta Madness [Intense Neon Blue Pink] - This colour is soft, creamy, not chalky, very pigmented and the description of the colour is pretty accurate. It is easy to blend but also packs on nicely without becoming patchy. This colour is the best of the bunch and probably the most neon too, If your looking for a really intense true pink this is the one to go for.

Full Force Violet 
[Intense Neon Blue Purple] - This colour let me down abit it is a stunning white based blue purple in the pot similar to MAC's Violet Trance eyeshadow. The colour does come out true on the skin however It doesn't stick to the skin very well even over a base. Its difficult to pack on without becoming patchy and its is also difficult to blend because it doesn't stick to the skin the colour simple fades away in the blending process. With all that said I would still recommend this colour as it does work but it likes to play hard to get but for such a stunning colour is worth the chase. Its slightly bluer than violet trance but is in the same family. If your looking for something similar or simply unique I would recommend checking out Full Force Violet.                                              

Overall I think these work really well for matte pigments and are perfect for the neon pastels theme Im loving so much recently. one thing is with them being mattes you cant use them wet because the colour will darken and the product applies clumpy which in the case of full force violet is frustrating as it would perform better applied wet. Another thing to mention is that as Im sure you can tell these are in the new smaller packaging, these ones only contain 3g of product. I have to say I'am getting used to the new packaging even though it is abit more fumbly and messy than the previous.
All in all check them out and see what you think they are £15 each in the UK and now available at all MAC locations and online @ http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk
Photos Copyright of Richie Nickel
Products featured were purchased by me.


  1. Great review!!! Ooh the salmon one looks cute. Any chance of an eye look with it... or vid tutorial dare I ask?! xxxx

  2. Oh Richie, these pigments are so cute, too bad there isn't a MAC Pro Store in South America! http://eyecandyspecial.blogspot.com

  3. I'm glad you have a website now! What a great way for your to show us all the makeup and fashion ideas, you inspire us Richie! X

  4. I bought the Magenta Madness one but returned it after reading the small print on the packaging that said it's not to be used on the eye area! The girls at MAC said it's meant more for body art or nails. Great...