12 September, 2010

Backstage @ Risto Bimbiloski NYFW S/S 2011

On Friday I went backstage at the Risto Bimbiloski S/S 2011 show at EXIT ART. TEMPTU were sponsoring the show and invited me along to see the makeup artists at work.
Head makeup artist for the show Max Delorme talked me through the look and explained the concept behind it.

After speaking with Risto about the inspiration for the collection coming from the moon. Max created a romantic, ethereal, futuristic look which he described as a "robot women", An almost super human combination.

For the skin Max used TEMPTU airbrush foundation to create a light, youthful, flawless effect. He also used it on the lips to blank them out and then set it with TEMPTU Retouch powder in translucent.
For the eyes Max used TEMPTU blush in 'blushing coral' (a favourite of mine) all over the lids. It was a messy deconstructed look on top which he toped off with Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream to add a glossy, metallic finish almost like a glowing sunset.
To contrast with that he used a dot of MAC liquid last liner in 'aqualine' underneath the eye. With blue and orange being opposites on the colour spectrum it added a quirky almost alien look to the models, as if they had just landed from the moon.

To complete the look Max added a combination of MAC blushes to the Temple area to add depth and dimension to the face.
After Max Talked the TEMPTU PRO team through how to create the look they got to work on preparing the models for the runway.

Preparations for the show were surprisingly relaxed and everything went to plan. The show began on time even when two models arrived just minutes before it began.
Here are some shots of the makeup artists work stations. I always find it very intriguing what products they use backstage so here is a glimpse.
Notice the MUJI fine stem cotton buds that I love so much, An essential for any makeup artist backstage for fixing mistakes.

So that is just a little sneak peek of the action backstage at the Risto show. I will have full footage of the runway show and my interview with Max up on YouTube soon.


(All photos copyright of Richie Nickel)


  1. Oh, I expected more from TEMPTU, the brows are messy, the skin doesn't look flawless, the lips are dry as hell, the eye makeup is creasing, I love the concept but in my opinion they made a poor job carrying it out

  2. hi richie,
    i some how stumbled on your blog and then checked out your tube.
    you are really charismatic! and although i am not a crazy over makeup, i love balenciaga moto bags since the original came out in 2001 and have a sick collection.
    check out my blog and you can search"balenciaga"to see my colors and my shoe/boot collection.
    xo chauss

  3. to Daniel i think the idea of the lips appearing so matte. Is a contrast against the glossy eye and because the eyes in this show are such a statement piece the lips are toned down. and the brows are just natural i like it, sometimes the less polished look works in my opinion and all gloss products on the eyes crease, that just happens there isn't anything you can do to prevent a gloss product on the eye creasing. Joshua x
    On the whole i think the photos are fantastic.

  4. Hi, Richie!
    I've been watching your Illamasqua reviews on Youtube everyday, and now I'm visiting this site just wanting to say hello to you. =)
    You're so Cool!! Thank you!

  5. I like the concept, love the idea to put cream on top of the blush for the eyes, they look beautiful. The lips are toned down, but the skin I have to agree with Daniel, they could've done a better job. It doesn't look flawless to me.

  6. Hello Richie!
    i just want to say that you're absolutely awesome! :)

    Greetings from Poland! :)


  7. You did a great job covering the show...loved the intro with the bus =). The make- up was disappointing and messy/cakey. Yours on the other hand was beautiful and flawless.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Hi Richie! Thank you so much for bringing us backstage! It's really exciting!
    I love your personal website well much as your Youtube channel!

    Looking forward to more fantastic videos/blogs from you :D

    Thanks again!

  9. awwww n__n <3 -jenny