10 September, 2010

Heading To New York Fashion Week

What a day its been, Today I headed to Heathrow for my 2pm flight to JFK.
I arrived at what I thought was 12 (as that is what my watch told me) but it was in fact 1pm and the check in was already closed. 
I had to be transfered to the next JFK flight which was only a few hours later but I was put on stand by and was unsure if I would get on the flight until I reached the gate. This is the first time I have ever missed a flight so it was abit of a daunting experience.
But luckily I got a seat and am here to tell the tale :P

On arrival at JFK I was picked up by this gorgeous car courtesy of TEMPTU.

There was a nice little goodie bag on the back seat too :)
(Ignore my messy face this was after a 7 hour flight)
I was whisked off to my hotel and finally made it to the big apple in one piece.
Tomorrow I will be doing backstage coverage of the Risto Bimbiloski show and of course its Fashions Night Out. Can't wait to see you all at the Sephora event.



  1. I have always wanted to go to new york.... im applying for schools there so i can live there when I graduate!

  2. It was wonderful getting to meet you tonight! Totally worth the 3 hour round bus trip!!!!! You are so very nice in person too. Thank you for taking your picture with me. I can't wait to get home and upload the pictures.

  3. I came across your youtube videos months back, and wanted to thank you for your makeup advice, reviews and style inspiration. Im not the typical person you would imagine interested in your blog/videos. I'm (Ok are you sitting?) a 40 (gulp) year old mom of three little ones,live in the Southern California suburbs, child of the 80s! Over the last year I've gotten back into makeup and have learned so much from you and other make up geniuses on youtube.I generally go for the more natural makeup look, just fits my lifestyle better. I've been wearing MAC makeup for , 18 or so years and probably have some of their "vintage colors"! Love the Balenciaga bag, and hope to get one in the next few months(just have to decide on a color and style!) Enjoy your NY trip. All the best- K

  4. OMG!You look gorgeous even after a 7 hr flight!!!