09 September, 2010

I've Been MINXED!

Today I twaddled on down to Nails Inc in Debenhams Oxford Street to get my nails MINXED. Minx If you don't know (where have you been?) is a type of manicure that doesn't use nail polish. It is actually a coating on the nails that has no odour and no drying time. You can shove you hands right in you bag, pull out your camera & take a picture of their prettiness (just like I did :P) straight afterwards without fear of a nick or a smudge.

These are like heaven to me I love the look of nail polish but I pretty much hate everything else about it. I'am far too impatient to wait for polish to dry and always end up making a huge mess. With these I don't have to worry, But that isn't even the best part these coatings come in thousands of designs and have effects that you could never achieve with old fashioned nail polish (Pfff! who uses that stuff anymore?).

Nails Inc however only carries 3 designs, Gold lightning (which I got), Silver Lightning and Gold Leopard. I wasn't to fussed about this as I wanted to try the gold anyway but I will mention I had to put up a fight to get it. 
The nail technician at Nails Inc Debehams claimed to "not have much gold left" but I wasn't going to settle for anything less and it turns out she had more than enough. Also the service I received was less than adequate, I asked several probing questions like how long should they last (which from what I've read online they should last up to 2 weeks) but I was told "Oh they only last 3 days".
I got the feeling the nail technician didn't want to do my nails because she would have to trim all the larger gold nail sheets (all they had left) down to fit.
I was also told that I wasn't supposed to wear them in the bath because they would peel off but according to www.minxnails.com that is also incorrect.
It appears the staff at Nails Inc are not properly trained on Minx.
But before I rant on forever, I'am happy with the out come but would maybe not recommend getting them done at Nails Inc.
Other places offer a larger selection of designs and a better service.

With all that said and done I have to say I'm in love with how these babies look have you ever seen a gold metallic nail polish that looks like this? I didnt think so.
A Minx manicure is £30 from Nails Inc and a pedicure is £35, I think that is pretty reasonable.
but I will update you on how well they last.



  1. i wonder where i can get this done in the us?! it looks amazing!

  2. love the mirror look of your nails now ... :-)

  3. aww these are so nice must investigate into them x

  4. gorgeous!

    i wanna try them :)

  5. Nice!

    Oh, when will there be a proper rss-feed? :>

  6. They look gorgeous on you, What a shame you had such a bad time getting them done.

    I love minx, and have found there is a bit of a trick to getting them to last for 2 weeks. I have developed a habit of rubbing my nails, focussing on the cuticles and the free edge. Doing this a few times a day really helps to increase the life of the manicure. If you can't remember to do this regularly, just do it after you shower or have a hot bath, as the heat can loosen the glue.

    Honestly I find that makes them last 2 weeks pretty much every time! Hope that is helpful to you x

  7. I love your manly hands lol xx

  8. i need to get gold nails like that ASAP.

  9. I was looking for nail polish like that! Now I know to just get my nails minxed :D How long did they last in the end? xx

  10. Were I can get. This color

  11. Where can I get this color polish? I love it