02 September, 2010


Another H&M designer collaboration is on the horizon and this has to be the best yet H&M and Lanvin. H&M had released several videos of characters in silhouette on their youtube channel a few days ago. Which stirred rumors all over the blogosphere about who would be the next designer to collaorate with H&M.

Yesturday rumors were confirmed as this video was posted of Alber Elbaz (designer for Lanvin) himself discussing how H&M asked him to translate the dream of Lavin to a larger audience and instead of Lanvin cheapening itself, H&M will be "going luxury". This should give us an insight to how the clothes will of course be more expensive than regular H&M stock but may be even better quality and pricier than previous collaborations.

I'am more than excited for this collaboration and can't wait to see the product photos as they are unveiled on www.hm.com

The collection Is due to be released Internationally on the 23rd of November, Will you be waiting In line?



  1. OMG i cannot wait to buy sth from this collaboration :D and i agree one of the best though i wish i had bought sth from the karl lagerfeld one as well but i have sth from Jimmy Choo for H&M :D