13 October, 2010

MINX : After Two Weeks

So I promised I would update you on how well my MINX lasted after two weeks and here they are as you can see not as shiny and perfect as they once were. However I think they held up very well considering the manicurist 'assured' me they would "only last 3 days". They lasted 14 days despite looking rather tatty by the end.

As you can see my nails grew quite alot in those 14 days and began to expose the nail at the cuticle. 
I would say they looked perfect for about 4 - 5 days after that the wear started to show. Whilst wearing them I had to be very careful when opening any kid of packaging for fear of digging into the MINX and ruining the ends which could result in the MINX pealing off. Luckily I didn't have that problem but as you can see there is a considerable amount of wear to the ends of the nails, Which could be maintained by filing the ends with a glass file. Another thing I ran into around the end of their life was the plastic coating on top of the MINX pealing off. There seems to be 3 layers, the base which is solidly stuck to the nail and won't come off unless you want it to, then the MINX design and then the plastic coating on top. Once that plastic coating comes off the MINX design gradually fades away as you can see on my index and ring fingers. Those were the only issues I had with them.
Shortly after these pictures were taken I pealed them off from the base. You are supposed to soak your nails in warm water to get them off but I wasn't in the mood. I would however recommend doing that because otherwise the nails can become brittle like when you peal of polish.
Overall I was pretty happy with them and would definitely get them done again. 
If you're like me and hate pretty much everything about nail polish like waiting for it to dry, smudging, chipping and the smell then I highly recommend getting MINXED!


(All photos copyright of Richie Nickel)


  1. where do you find it? The gold is sooo pretty!!!

  2. @Anonymous In the UK you can find it at Nails Inc but if you go to www.minxnails.com you can find a salon that does it near you :D

  3. you can also get some designs on eBay, it's cheaper than in salons but I don't know how easy it is to apply them at home