12 November, 2010

MAC & Marcel Wanders Collection : Promo Photos & Product Info

For the past four years MAC has introduced a couture collection around the christmas period. A collection of premium products in super luxe packaging often embellished with crystals or pearls. This year however MAC have collaborated with famed dutch interior & architectural designer Marcel Wanders who is best know for is his unique furniture designs like the knotted chair. Wanders was appointed by MAC to design the packaging for this collection which consists of sleek black jewel like powder compacts as well as intricately faceted lipgloss wands and brush handles, Which were inspired by Johannes Vermeer's painting of the 'Girl With a Pearl Earring'. Wanders describes the collection as being like "tools for women to paint and make themselves beautiful" " tools that can be your jewels".

This collection is an online exclusive in the UK and won't be available at Harrods like previous couture collections. It is due to be released around the beginning of December in the UK and at freestanding MAC stores across the US from November 24th.

Lipstick (£17.50 / $22.00)
  • Martha - Golden champagne with pearl (Frost)
  • Gesina - Red with slightly pinkish undertones (Cream)
  • Catharina - Fuchsia (Cream)
  • Digna - Blackened red (Cream)

Lip Gloss (£16.50 / $22.00)

  • Mary - Light gold
  • Beatrix - Golden Nude
  • Aleydis - Fuchsia
  • Gertruyd - Blackened red

Sheer Mystery Powder (£39.00 / $60.00)

  • Light Medium - Pale ivory
  • Medium Plus - Tan beige 

False Lashes Mascara(£17.00 / $18.00)

  • False Black

Air of Style Scent Concentrate (£22.00 / $30.00)

  • Air of Style scent in a solid perfume formula

Duo Fibre Brush (£45.00 / $75.00)

Brush Clutch (£60.00 /  $75.00)


(Images courtesy of M.A.C cosmetics)


  1. Wow that 187 looks gorgeous! They should've designed more brushes like that for this collection. Any idea what the necklace looking thing is? It seems interesting. Right now I'm thinking its probably the scent concentrate which I'm guessing is similar to lush solid perfumes. Thanks for another awesome post. We really appreciate u taking the time out of your day to do this. Xx Mitch

  2. Wow, that collection looks amazing!

  3. @Mitch Doesn't it! I love all the packaging for this collection I think its such a great idea to get an architectural designer to design the packaging. Its interesting that they only choose one brush and that its the 187 as its an unlikely choice but I guess it has been very popular in recent years. we're lucky to get it as last years couture collection didn't contain any brushes. The scent concentrate is a solid perfume yes it looks very cool but I have no idea what it will smell like. glad to hear that you liked the post thanks for taking the time to comment. Richie x

  4. @Beauty Addict I know right! I can't wait.
    Its a pity its only available online and won't be in stores in the UK as I like to get hands on with products before purchasing.
    Richie x

  5. I agree that it's an awesome idea to get designers outside of the beauty industry to design the packaging. I too thought the 187 was an unlikely choice, but it's so fabulous I think I'll buy one even though I already have the regular 187. I'm really not sure whether the scent concentrate or the mystery powder will sell well in the UK because these are products that you really need to test out before you buy! I wish they had've just extended this collection and made it their main holiday collection!!
    What are your thoughts on A Tartan Tale?? I'm not particularly inspired by the theme of the collection, but I think there are some nice products to try out.

    Also, any clue whether this collection will be released in Australia? I usually buy my MAC from USA or UK anyway because of the HUGE price difference (MAC in Australia literally costs double what it costs in America!!).
    Mitch x

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  7. Richie, I love your blog! I actually created one after I left youtube, because I found that a blog was more relaxing. Not nearly as much haters that I had to deal with. And no more notorious video editing for me. But anyways, enough of my rambling. Love the blog, and the great photos. I am so excited about this collection, although I most likely will not be able to afford anything! lol. But I think I have to get the 187 brush. It is gorgeous! Love the blog again, and keep the posts coming! :)


  8. That brush looks beautiful but I think I'm going to resist it. Also trying to resist the illamasqua holiday brush set... eep. Help.

  9. I really like the look of this collection, I can see myself purchasing all of the lipsticks. I will have to rely on Temptalia's swatches if it's only available online. I hate it when MAC do that!

    I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the collection if you get any of it x