17 February, 2011


Unfortunately I was unable to attend New York Fashion Week this season but I did manage to get my hands on some of the M.A.C cosmetics face charts for the autumn winter 2011 makeup. To see the looks from Vena Cava & WAYNE

The look for Vena Cava was a stunningly dramatic iridescent sapphire smokey eye with nude skin and lips. The eye makeup was created by using M.A.C Pro glitters and shine mixing medium, I love the messy deconstructed, rockery glamour of this look.

At WAYNE it was a much more neutral affair similar to last season, just natural contouring and highlighting to add dimension to the eyes and face, with a dash of 'Prince Noir' Lipstick a new deep reddish purple shade due to be released at M.A.C this winter blended in the center of the lips.


(face charts courtesy of M.A.C cosmetics)


  1. Love that first look. I need to get my hands on some glitter!

  2. @CAROLINE. Its stunning isn't it! the glitter they used is so big and chunky it looks like craft store glitter which it probably is, I've never seen a M.A.C glitter that chunky before.

  3. Maybe from a distance that heavy glitter looks great but up-close it's kinda creepy...IMHO

  4. While the first look is eye candy, I really love the second one, I 'm always fascinated by perfect contouring and highlighting.

  5. The chunky glitter looks a lot like clumpy dirt. Or crushed up steeped tea leaves. I don't personally like it. On the blonde model, she looks completely strung out. However, I've always very much liked the bold eye with almost a non-existent lip.

  6. Richie,

    Please don't think I'm trying to be a biotch but could you please do something elese with the header of this site! It's horrible and if you can't see why I will point out the obvious:
    man in background just makes visitors feel bad-picture of you says very little as well. You should have a nicer theme going here. Please don't disregard me as a hater. I am a media journalist and I am being honest. I enjoy your work and find you to be very charasmatic.

  7. I really love the glitter look - it's so dramatic! And I just have to say: Richie, you are so amazing and fabulous! I absolutely love you! Your blog and especially your Youtube videos are always interesting and helpful. Plus I really like the header picture on your site. I think it's totally interesting, plus you look really chic in it.

  8. <3 your blog :)
    izzy x

  9. I love the glitter! I also wanted to tell you Richie, I think you are fantastic. I have enjoyed your Youtube videos so very much! Thanks so much, :)