08 February, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics NY HQ

While I was away in New York last September, I met David Klasfeld the founder and creator of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, He was kind enough to invite me and Josh (aka Petrilude) along to the OCC New York HQ to look around and I of course couldn't resist acting all 'professional' and taking some snaps of the place.

It's a cute little studio in Chelsea and it houses all the OCC goings on as well as a space for makeup workshops and gorgeous displays of the complete cosmetics line.

Including nail polishes.

Their new collection of colours.
And of course the loose colour pigments and ultra famous lip tars.
Check out that glittery goodness.

One of the things I got to try out while I was there was their airbrush makeup I was introduced by Emily who showed me how to use the airbrush system and apply blush, it was my first time using a professional airbrush system as I had only ever used the TEMPTU consumer system before. 
I have since become completely obsessed with OCC airbrush makeup it makes my skin look so flawless and it drys to a matte finish which I prefer to the TEMPTU S/B foundation which has a dewy finish.
Overall a fantastic experience.

I believe anyone can visit and shop at the HQ but by appointment only.
To make an appointment contact:
121 WEST 27TH STREET | SUITE #1200 | NEW YORK, NY 10001
PH: 212-675-2572 | FX: 212-214-0636

Alternatively you can check the line out in Wonderland Beauty Parlor @
418 WEST 13TH STREET | NEW YORK, NY 10014 
Here is me and Josh just before we left on our makeup tour around the city, he had never been to Ricky's before can you believe that? Madness.



  1. Need to try them lip tars, thanks for the review! P.S So glad your back XO

  2. waaaooooww amazing ! u mast have had such a great time! cant wait for the next post and next video!!!need to get my hands on this !!

  3. :O You're friends with josh?! I literally just started watching him on youtube, he's so adorable and funny haha. And I love the airbrush products, they look like prescribed pills haha.

  4. You and Josh would be such a cute couple!

  5. Awwww yay you and Josh, two of my faves :).


  6. Hi, I know this will seem super random, but I have the same sidekick you had but can't seem to get it to work in the UK. I was wondering how you got it to work :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Love OCC products too.. will u be coming to N.Y. for the IMATS in April? I think your amazing.. love your tips..you Josh, and Enkorn are the best!!! on you tube..

  8. two of my favorite people together..awesome

  9. wow those nail polishes look really fresh...