26 August, 2011

M.A.C Fashion Flower Collection : Promo Photos & Product Info

Bloom brightly with a stylish fusion of the floral and the fashionable in a summer colour collection that evokes the cool side of the hottest season. Fashionflower girls are Free to Be, each one with a cultivated connection to the greenhouse and the fashion house.

Unfolding and flourishing, these perennial primadonnas embrace the Growing Trend of cheeks and eyes lightly dusted with LIMITED - EDITION daisy-debossed Beauty Powder and Shadows. Their confidence stems from petal-light lashes that sprout dramatically with Studio Fix Boldblack Lash, dewy lips that sparkle sweetly in Budding Beauty Lipgelée and Summer Shower, a softly sheer aqua blue lipstick. Ever Hip, join these rare blossoms and succumb horti-culturally to a bouquet that’s equal parts fleur and couture.

Eyeshadow (£11.50 / €15.00 / $14.50 / C$17.50)
  • Fresh Daisy - Frosty White Yellow 
  • Aqua - Aqua Blue 
  • Lucky Green - Frosted Mid-tone Lime 
  • Free To Be - Bright True Coral 
  • Groundcover - Mid-tone Warm Grey 
  • Bows & Curtseys - Metallic Hunter Green 

Lipstick (£13.50 / €17.50 / $14.50 / C$17.50)
  • Mille - Light White Pink 
  • Summer Shower - Light Aqua 
  • Growing Trend - Mid-tone Taupe Nude 
  • Ever Hip - Bright Creamy Coral 

Lipgelée  (£12.50 / €17.00 / $15.50 / C$17.50)
  • Fashionflower - Pale Pink Dazzle Gelée 
  • Now In Season - Pale Yellow Dazzle Gelée 
  • Budding Beauty - Pale Coral Dazzle Gelée 

Mascara (£13.50 / €16.50 / $14.00 / C$17.00)
  • Studio Fix Boldblack Lash - Deep Intense Black  

Penultimate Eye Liner (£14.00 / €19.00 / $17.50 / C$21.00)
  • Rapidblack - True Black 

Beauty Powder (£20.50 / €28.00 / $25.00 / C$30.00)
  • Light Sunshine - Pastel Neutral Pink with Soft Gold and Pink Sparkles 
  • Alpha Girl - Soft Peachy Pink with Gold Nuances  


(Images courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics)


  1. Hmmm. Medium about these for me, but nice for those who love the pale colors. I bet you love these lips colors! Would you wear the greenish one?

  2. i thought you had disappeared deeply saddened that i would no longer hear your fantastic reviews and thoughts on products then i clicked on your website and i am truly astounded at how fantastic you are you never fail to amaze i am so glad i have found where you have been voicing your thoughts on products and it is amazing to read and it is of brilliant quality i would like to see a tutorial where you wear the tobacco leaf occ lip tar colour and use muddy earthy colours i think it would really suit you

    number one fan