14 December, 2011

My New LANVIN Sneakers

I've been wanting a pair of Lanvin sneakers for a while but never liked the colour combinations, then I saw these pop up on farfetch and I couldn't resist ordering them. 
They came from a boutique in Italy and I'm absolutely obsessed with them.

The classic Lanvin baby blue bow box, I wonder what's inside??
These babies of course!! ahhh love at first sight.
They are a grey teal blue satin material with blue grosgrain ribbon laces, a black patent toe and a white sole. One thing I really liked about the colour combination on this pair, is that I could easily change out the laces for almost any coloured grosgrain ribbon, and it would still match the shoes plain colours.
That way I had multiple ways of wearing them and matching them with different outfits, so there multifunctional but still add colour to an outfit, without being plain black. 
Which is something really important to think about when buying any pricey clothing or accessories, how much use will you get out of them?
Another one of my favourite features is the patent toe, look how glossy and shiny it is!! 
I love patent leather and have a lot of patent accessories so this is another great way of bringing a look together.
Overall I love my new Lanvin sneakers and they will finally get me out of the converse I constantly wear.

If you haven't checked out www.farfetch.com I seriously recommend doing so.
It's a great site where small fashion boutiques from all around the world can join together and sell their stock through farfetch. The reason I love it, is that it gives you access to stock from designers that stores in your area may not have ordered. So you have a much better selection of clothes from a collection, than you would in say Browns or Harvey Nics.



(All photos copyright of Richie Nickel)


  1. Those are just plain gorgeous. Who would have thought sneakers could look so elegant. And those ribbon laces (I didn't know there was such a thing) just knock me out.

  2. they are incredible, love the patent toe!

  3. Man, those are freaking amazing

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  5. @Laurie K aren't they!! I love them so much. They are really elegant but so casual and easy to wear everyday. I love the laces too got them in so many colours now and I keep wanting more :P

  6. Thanks @jason the patent toe is cool isn't it! they do metallic ones too which I may have to get another pair just to get :)