27 January, 2012

Ani-Kaleido-Print Hits The High Street

If you remember the London Micro trend Ani-Kaleido-Print I spotted last year at London Fashion Week, well it's slowly starting to seep into high street fashion. Late in the season I know but I guess the high street will be using it as a transition into spring in the next coming months.

This skirt from ZARA is a perfect example, I adore this print I just wish they made it in jeans so I could actually wear it myself.

Next up I spotted these scarfs both from Topshop which are another simple and cheap way to incorporate Ani-Kaleido-Print into an outfit.
Also from ZARA, who always capture trends perfectly, is this dress which is a sort of smoke and mirrors type kaleidoscopic print.
And finally another dress but this time from Miss Selfridge, this ones much more graphic, not so animalistic but perfect for a party.
So what are your thoughts on this trend? I can see it being really big in the coming months, wether it's animalistic, smokey or plain graphic. Kaleidoscopic (or mirrored as I've seem some stores touting it as) is definitely something to keep an eye on.



  1. Really nice! You're right jeans would be great. I like the top two best.

  2. That Zara scarf is absolutely lush :).


  3. I really love these prints they are absolutely amazing especially the smokey one. I just wish they had t-shirt versions so that I could wear them.