04 January, 2012

MARNI at H&M | Spring 2012 | Collaboration Collection

Now then here is something to really get excited about, MARNI the famous italian fashion house will be collaborating with H&M this spring, for a mens and womenswear collection.

I have to say this is fantastic news, I really wasn't impressed with last years Versace for H&M collection one iota, it was garish, tasteless and screamed fashion victim in my opinion. All those oriental and palm prints bleugh!! just plain wrong but whats more is this advert....

Well the ad just rubbed me up the wrong way. Donatella is running some kind of Nazi dictatorship camp, prodding and poking her fashion victim puppets in cages and working them on a hamster wheel, to churn out her cheap garments from the Versace for H&M machine. I found it highly disrespectful to anyone intending on buying from the collection and to top it off her finishing line was "my house, my rules, my pleasure". Well I don't play by your rules Donatella and in my opinion you've trampled over any aspirational, glamourous or desirable appeal your "house" might once of had. 

Don't get me wrong I adored 2010s Lanvin for H&M collection, Alber Elbaz did things right with dignity and respect for the brand he represents with his "H&M is going luxury, rather than Lanvin is going public" concept. It seems however that H&M is churning every last penny out of the dryed up old prune that is Donatella Versace, by releasing a follow up collection to Versace H&M launching online this coming spring.
Once we are over the hump that is that tanned old kipper [they said it not me], I am really looking forward to seeing what Consuelo Castiglioni comes up with for the Marni H&M collection. I used to be an avid follower of the Marni collections from about 05-07 but after then I wasn't too fussed about what they came out with and stopped paying attention, hopefully we will get to see some classic Marni colours, prints and of course statement jewellery.
The MARNI collection launches on March 8th 2012 at 260 H&M stores worldwide and online at www.hm.com.
So what do you guys think? are you excited for this collaboration?


(Images and videos courtesy of H&M)


  1. I am very excited for the Marni launch for H&M! I would also agree with you that the Versace for H&M was not up to par with the Lanvin launch. However I was lucky enough to be sent the Versace for H&M studded mens jacket and I have to say I expected it to be cheaply made. The quality of the jacket I thought was very good! I wish I could say that for the rest of the Versace for H&M line :(


  2. yess! A collaboration that fits my personal taste. I think the same about the Versace collection ...

  3. For the girls, this looks like a fashion desaster. Not loving the prints at all.