20 February, 2012

M.A.C Chen Man Love & Water Collection : Promo Photos & Product Info

Chen Man (陳曼) is the star if the Chinese fashion photography world, rising to prominence on the strength of a series of groundbreaking covers created for the Shanghai- based vision, China’s first avant-garde fashion magazine, merging her exquisite aesthetic with computer virtuosity.

For her M·A·C collaboration, a bold, sensual and lyrical colour collection inspired by the artists fascination with love and water (represented by the colours pink and blue).  Defining the moment while heralding the future, M·A·C Chenman defies the gaze to look away.

Launching in the UK & US on March 1st 2012.
Available in stores and online @ www.maccosmetics.co.uk & www.maccosmetics.com

PIGMENT (£15.50 / 24.50 / $20.00 / C$24.00)
  • Naval Blue - Deep smoky blue 

REFLECTS GLITTER (£15.50 / €24.50 / $20.00 / C$24.00)
  • Reflects Blue - Sparkling blue 

MINERALIZE EYE SHADOW DUO (£16.50 / €20.50 / $20.00 / C$24.00)
  • Supersweet Duo – half bronze, pink, gold mélange/half solid golden pink
  • Pink Union Duo – half taupe, lavender, brown mélange/half solid dark violet
  • Love Cycle Duo – half light blue, white, dark blue mélange/half solid dark royal blue

 (£14.00 / €17.50 / $15.00 / C$18.00)
  • Blacktrack Solid flat black 
  • Waveline Navy blue with low level gold pearl 

LIPSTICK (£13.50 / €17.50 / $14.50 / C$17.50)
  • Force of Love - Vivid honeysuckle pink (matte) 
  • Budding Love - Pale lavender (lustre) 

LIPGLASS (£13.00 / €17.00 / $14.50 / C$17.50)
  • Force of Love Vivid honeysuckle pink 
  • Budding Love Pale lavender 

BEAUTY POWDER (£20.50 / €29.00 / $23.00 / C$27.50)
  • Play It Proper Pastel soft pink with sparkles 
NAIL LACQUER (£9.00 / €12.50 / $16.00 / C$19.00)
  • Breezy Blue - Dark blue 
  • Pinkly Fresh - Mid-tone blue pink 

GLOSS (£14.00 / €21.00 / $19.00 / C$23.00) 
  • Clear

MASCARA (£14.00 / €16.50 / $15.00 / C$18.00) 
  • Zoom Fast Black Lash - Carbon black  

BROW SET (£11.50 / €16.50 / $15.00 /C$18.00)
  • Clear 

BRUSH (£16.00 / €20.50 / $19.50 / C$23.50)
  • 208 BRUSH - Angled brow brush 

I love the imagery for this collection and Chen Man is a phenomenally talented photographer, but again this is another drab colour collection from MAC, with a talented persons name slapped on it. Maybe I'm just not feeling MAC lately but I see nothing new about this collection, it's just more re promotes in fancy boxes, that's all they seem to be doing lately. After so many years of following MAC I need new products, new formulas, new colours and fancy packaging to get me excited.
But what do you guys think? am I missing something?


(Images courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics)


  1. Do you think this will be available in America?

    1. I have no official information to say that it will. But I see no reason why it wouldn't be. Maybe it will be released later there than the UK, that happens on the odd occasion. x

  2. I agree with that part about another MAC collection being just old stuff with new packaging branded under a famous person/character's name. BORING.

  3. I'm also not feeling this collection or pretty much any of the past few collections. The colors do nothing for me and the packaging is so dull and plain. I am looking forward to the second Marcel Wanders collection. At least the packaging and lipsticks look promising. Then again, never saw the first time they released it so it may be the same colors.