01 March, 2012

MARNI at H&M | Men's & Women's Look Book + Product Photos

It's only a week until the launch of the Marni at H&M Collection and finally the collection has been revealed. Here are the men's and women's lookbooks and individual shots of the clothes and accessories in the collection, which will be released in selected stores on Thursday March 8th.

I have to say it was initial disappointment for me looking at the lookbook photos.
I had high hopes for this collection and something about these shots didn't deliver.
The men's collection looks drab too.
But maybe it's just the overzealous styling as the pieces look much better individually displayed, which is why I decided to include these product shots.

Women's Collection
I think you get a much better feel for the wearability of the individual items in these pictures.
There are some great classic Marni statement prints and accessories like I was hoping for.
That when mixed and matched with casual pieces could make a great outfit.
The collection is described as "Eclectic, quirky and timeless, a modular wardrobe for women and men, complete with accessories. It is composed of elegant items selected by Marni’s creative director and founder, Consuelo Castiglioni, from her extensive repertoire to create a playful range of style possibilities. A sense of sophisticated eclecticism is mixed with a sporty allure; the accent is on the streamlined purity of design and the intensity of surfaces. The result is high on prints and spring energy, with the unmistakable Marni signatures evident in the juxtaposition of shapes, patterns and materials."
There aren't that may items that stand out for me as must haves but maybe there just not my personal style.
One piece I definitely have got my eye on though is this yellow acrylic necklace. I love statement jewellery and have nothing like this in my wardrobe but I'll have to see it in person because it could either be awesome or awkward.

Men's Collection
The men's collection always seems slightly forgotten about in these H&M collaborations and this is no exception.
I just don't see that much Marni in these items, they just seem fairly run of the mill.
There certainly isn't anything I can see guys going crazy for.
So what are your thoughts on the Marni at H&M collection? will you be first in line, or giving it a miss?
I think I'll have to see the items in person to get a real feel for what to buy, luckily I have an invite to the exclusive prerelease party on the 7th, so stay tuned because hopefully I'll have coverage from that too.


(Images courtesy of H&M)