07 March, 2012

MARNI at H&M | Vogue & GQ Exclusive Prerelease Event

Tonight I attended the exclusive prerelease event of the Marni at H&M collection, held by Vogue and GQ at London's flagship H&M store on Regent Street. It was a champagne and canapĂ© affair, with more flutes than a marching band and more crazed shoppers than well, a H&M collaboration release!

I arrived at 6:30 on the dot when the event was scheduled to begin and was blown away by the size of the queue, I couldn't stand the thought of waiting in the cold so wondered around a bit beforehand to let the queue go down. Once I joined the queue however I was inside before I knew it.
Once inside there were mannequins modeling the collection and we were greeted by the Vogue and GQ PR team who offered us champagne and canapĂ©s.
There was a small area on the left hand side to shop the womenswear accessories and down the center there was a selection of the women's clothes and bags. At the back there was also a small area for menswear with a greater selection upstairs.
The clothes themselves were brilliant, much better quality than I had initially expected.
Thick chunky wool, loose flowing silk, smooth patent leather and even the accessories were weighty, as if they were made from real stone and not just lumps of plastic.
H&M really came up trumps on this collection and people were going mad for it.
It was a constant flurry of people pushing and shoving to find that one (or maybe 10) piece(s) in their size.

Accessories flung everywhere!
I myself couldn't for the life of me find the yellow acrylic necklace I was after, I hunted for if all night and didn't see it once not even on a mannequin!
I gave up in the end, assuming they had sold out.
However when I was getting on the tube on the way home, I spoke to a girl who was also carrying a Marni at H&M bag.
She informed me that there was this other area of Marni accessories downstairs that I had totally missed and her friend had gotten the necklace I wanted there.
I felt so stupid and a bit gypped but I figured it was fate (that always makes you feel better doesn't it!).
I contemplated a bangle or two but stuck to taking pictures instead, I just couldn't juggle a Fendi bag, a camera, champagne and bangles all at once.
There wasn't that much on my hit list for this collaboration anyway as it wasn't really my style in the end.
This was one of the bangles I contemplated, let me know your thoughts.

I also checked out the menswear collection which wasn't really note worthy but I knew that even from the promo photos.
Just bland in my opinion, so much so that I've decided not to include a single shot of any menswear in this post.
It just isn't visually stimulating, even in virtual form.
I still thoroughly enjoyed the event though.
So overall it was a fantastic event and I was really please to be invited.
I didn't end up buying anything in the end but I'm going to Paris next week so at least I saved some money for that.
The collection launches tomorrow at 9am, so get down to your nearest H&M store pronto.
It's going fast, don't miss out like I did.


(Photos Copyright of Richie Nickel)



  2. I can't Believe it, i saw you today in Paris next to the Grands Boulevards !! I was too shy to say hi...hahaha !
    You looked gorgeous as always !!
    Keep rockin'


    1. Ah you should of said hi, I love meeting my views and readers.
      I may be over again in the summer anyway so maybe you'll see me around town then.
      Thanks hun that's very sweet of you.