10 September, 2012

ROMWE - Look Of The Day

It had been a long day of flat hunting and meetings but whilst walking through the back streets of London I stopped for a second to snap some photos of my Look Of The Day, which featured the items I picked out from Romwe.com.

I have already talked about how much I love the items I got from Romwe but here is how I styled them. They all suit my style perfectly and could be worn numerous other ways and look just as great.
Topshop Black Biker Jacket - Romwe Galaxy 'Stars Printed Long Dress' (tucked in)

Zara Teal Satin Jeans - Romwe Black Suede PS1 Style 'Aslant Design Briefcase' Bag

Romwe 'Skull Head Bracelet' - Romwe Evil 'Eyes Pendant Bracelet'
Shoes: Lanvin Navy Satin Sneakers - Laces: Paperchase Teal Grosgrain Ribbon

This outfit totally goes along with the new "Spiritually Nostalgic Fashionista" style I have been feeling recently. What with the galaxy print, skulls and evil eye bracelet, it's acid hippy chic meets Celine.

Check out Romwe - www.Romwe.com


Disclosure: The items from Romwe were sent to me.


  1. Ooooh look at you, you look great! Love the hair x

  2. Do you know what I have had a really bad day and when I see this it is so inspiration and has made my day. Thanks richie and love that galaxy print t shirt.x

  3. That outfit is gorgeous.

  4. why ever so serious?
    greet look!! super 80's

  5. I really love your outfit, classic. But the poor homeless person without shoes makes it pretty materialistic looking.

  6. Chic and casual, relaxed sophistication.