30 August, 2012

ROMWE Review

It's always nice when you uncover a new online retailer and are amazed by what they have to offer. Romwe.com is one of these retailers, and I was over joyed when they offered me the chance to pick out some things from their site.

I first discovered Romwe after perusing Lookbook.nu for style inspiration and came across a girl with a galaxy print dress from Romwe. I instantly feel in love.
I knew I had to get something galaxy print when offered the chance because I'm totally obsessed with Christopher Kane Galaxy Print right now.
I went for this dress because I simply love the print and although I don't wear dresses, I knew I could style it and make it work.

Testing it out I have found ways of wearing it as a scarf and a T-shirt. The material is sheer but super versatile, and I'm really impressed with the quality of everything I got from Romwe.
The Jewellery on Romwe is also amazing and great quality too. I got these two bracelets, one is a blue evil eye bracelet and the other is an Alexander Mcqueen style skull bangle. They are both antique gold, which is my fav type of metal right now (pff! rose gold?) and I love them both.
And last but not least is this Proenza Schouler PS1 inspired bag. I have always admired the PS1 but the price tag for such a fresher brand is a little too steep for my liking. So this black suede version with antique gold hardware is the perfect alternative. It is really good quality for the price and like most things on Romwe gives you the look without the cost.

Check Out Romwe - www.Romwe.com and get and extra 15% off in their sale with code 'clearance15%'.


Disclosure: The items featured in this post were sent to me by Romwe.


  1. Is the PS1 inspired bag still on their website?

    1. They don't have the black suede version at the moment but the do have a khaki leather one.
      They might get the one I have back in stock at some point but I'm not sure. x

  2. Love having so many vids up!

  3. the stuff you´ve picked up is really cute!

    but i´m still not sure what I think about this romwe shop...it´s full of imitations of designers pieces :(

  4. Im A Girl - But Damn Thou. I Totally Have A Crush On You >.<

  5. Romwe was a horrible experience for me living in Melbourne. The package NEVER came after 3 + months. The staff via email were also not helpful AT ALL and did not reply promptly (1 week delays). They made me go to at least 3 different post offices with my I.D to check for my package in which were no where to be seen (Specific post offices cannot be contacted via phone in Australia). Glad your items came! Mine never did :(

  6. Positively poorly made clothing in terrible cheap fabrics. Poor construction and absolutely disposable crap. Rude customer service. A very nasty manager named Kelly. Don't be sucked in by the hype of Romwe.
    I'm glad your stuff was good, but I think people should be cautious when ordering from Romwe.