29 October, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela With H&M | Women's Collaboration Collection Photos

I've been waiting with baited breath since June to see the Margiela with H&M collection and here it finally is! I skipped past showing you the lookbook and press ads because like with the Marni collection the garments look much better displayed individually. It gives a better idea of exactly how you can style them and wether or not they will work with other items in your existing wardrobe.

Overall I'm impressed with collection although the marketing isn't as strong as previous collaborations, the items speak for themselves. It's a huge collection and obviously not everything is my taste but I always think you're better off buying a couple of things, rather than going mad and buying everything like some do.
I have definitely made my hit list for November 15th 
Candy Wrapper Clutch - Disco Ball Leggings - Oversized Blazer 
Will you be there?

Available in selected stores worldwide from Thursday November 15th at 9am.


(Images courtesy of H&M)


  1. Hi Richie, please do a blog post about Fall / Wintr footwear soon. I would love to see your favorite boot and shoe designers. Thanks. P.S. Keep warm!!!

  2. Do you know Richie that you are the most lazy blogger I meet???

  3. Hey Ritchie, did you manage to get your pieces?