13 January, 2013

Nicolas Ghesquiere's Balenciaga Best Bits

I've been a huge Balenciaga fan for many years, so to find out that creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere would be leaving the brand was devastating. To then find out that he would be replaced by Alexander Wang was the nail in the coffin, I knew Balenciaga would never be the same again. So to commemorate Nicolas's departure I have compiled a greatest hits of my favourite collections, to showcase how I grew to love the brand which he helped reinvent.

F/W 05 is where it all started, this is the earliest Balenciaga collection I have a vivid memory of.
The military detailing, the mod aesthetic, it was synonymous with the season and really inspired me as a teenage boy starting to experiment with fashion.
S/S 06 is what really got the ball rolling those striped trousers, that slinky silhouette and them major metallic heels. (I'd still die for a pair)
This collection just spoke to me I just instantly identified with it. It was androgynous in it's masculine tailouring but also ultra feminine with it's frilly skirts and hems.
I still remember trawling Camden Town in search of a pair of black and white stripy trousers. I never got any though, thankfully! Punkyfish anyone?!
F/W 06 cemented my love for Balenciaga. 
The bubble coats, the riding hats, the equestrian feel and who could forget those infamous harness boots.
I have fond memories of this collection and even remember basing a project at art college around it.
S/S 07 is my all time favourite fashion collection ever!! Just look at this ad campaign it is sheer genius, a robotic Ghesquiere martian landed in suburbia.
There are too many brilliant pieces to mention with this collection but of course the stand outs are the C-3PO leggings and robot heels. (which I have)
The middle look is actually what I've always dreamed of wearing to my wedding but we will see about that.
F/W 08 was another favourite collection of mine.
Those patent cocoon jackets and another pair of killer heels, this time with what looked like an iceberg on the back.

I almost bought one of those cocoon jackets at Woodbury Commons a few years back. If it weren't for the awkward looking breast area it would of been in my archive today.
S/S 09 was a collection based all around the absorption and reflection of light.

Another almost alien collection filled with metallics, varyingly fabricated mini clutches (I have one Yay!) and of course those sock booties.
Following this collection there was a real dip in design creativity, which is why none of those collections feature as my favourites. 
F/W 12 was the Nicolas cherry on top of the Balenciaga cake in my opinion, it was he's last hurrah.
Full of 80s references from bold shoulders to sci-fi, it was futuristic as always but still true to Balenciaga's classic sculptural shapes and Nicolas's sleek silhouette.
My favourite of course was those slogan egyptofunk tops, I just had to add this "Special Presentation" one to my archive.

So what now for Nicolas Ghesquiere? nothing has been announced about his future plans but I would love to see him create his own brand and recreate some of the magic he did for Balenciaga. I can't imagine him with any other brand and with a name like Ghesquiere he already has his own luxury brand name sorted.



  1. Lovely pot! :) And, LOL, the Wang comment was quite funny, many agree.

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