13 March, 2013

Nicolas Ghesquiere Tribute - Look Of The Day

After seeing Alexander Wang's debut collection for Balenciaga a few weeks back at Paris Fashion Week, it made me miss the wonder of Nicolas Ghesquiere even more. Wang's collection was exactly as I had expected, commercially driven hipster chic with a Balenciaga twist.

Nothing like the good old Ghesquiere days, so for todays look of the day I decided to combine some of my favourite pieces from my Balenciaga archieve and make a tribute outfit to the best years of Nicolas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga.
F/W 2012 Special Presentation Egyptofunk T-Shirt - Anna Dello Russo at H&M Necklace
F/W 2010 Black Work Bag - S/S 09 Oil Slick Patent Clutch
S/S 2007 Cork Platform Robot Sandal Heels - Zara Teal Green Coated Jeans

I pray to see Nicolas Ghesquiere back in some capacity soon, he's an incredible talent who is sorely missed by the fashion industry.



  1. Hi Richie, you look gorgeus as usual, but I think this hair colour doesn't suit you. You're better in black.

    1. Thanks, well I prefer this colour for the time being. I got a bit bored of black. x

  2. Richie great look. Killer shoes are fabulous on you!! If you don't mind my asking, how tall are you? You could and should be a model or attend a design school and work as a Creative Director for photo shoots, etc. Love your Vlogs on YouTube. Have a great week!!. Debbie

  3. Richie, as always, you look fabulous!!

  4. You ROCK big time!! ;) I wish you`d do youtube videos more often.

  5. You are fabulous as always, and an inspiration to me. Keep it up! :)
    Love that "petrol" bag, gorgeous. I watch your videos all the time and have learned so much from you. Thank you.


  6. ohhhhh
    you look so so so gorgeus......
    and this shoes are great, otherway seems very comfy :)

  7. Hello, I found your youtube channel today.
    You look soo beautiful!!!
    I wish I had a friend like you.

    I love your Sandal heels so much :)

  8. Those shoes are fucking immense. You look great! x

  9. Those shoes are fucking immense. You look great! x