29 April, 2013

Space Oddity - Look Of The Night

All dressed up with nowhere to go. I showed up to a fashion show dressed like some sort of extraterrestrial creature but wasn't allowed in, since the venue was already packed to the brim. Never one to waste an outfit, I spotted this purple light coming from across the street. I couldn't resist reenacting an alien landing and snapping some pictures to make the most of my outfit of the night.

Makeup ~ [Lips] OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar - H&M Trend Burgundy Leather Cap 
Christopher Kane Galaxy T-Shirt - Marni at H&M Patent Leather Jacket
Marni at H&M Green Bracelet - Christopher Kane Burgundy Aqua Jelly Clutch
Topshop Oxblood Leigh Jeans - Lanvin Navy Blue Satin Sneakers - Kleins Plum Grosgrain Ribbon



  1. Love it, like a modern space-bowie ;)

  2. Looks like this came straight out of a glossy magazine, very artistic you look fab as ever - WHAT were they thinking not letting you in!!! xx

  3. Beam me up Richie, and take me to your planet of fabulousness! xoxoxo you're amazing as always.


  4. omg I'm in love