20 May, 2013

OCC SCI-FI LULLABIES Spring 2013 Collection Review & Swatches

Spring has always been a time for transformation, and this season we explore the dichotomy between two realities: what is truth and what is fantasy. Showcased alongside Ready-To-Wear shades are fantasias of Couture Colors designed to transport you to your idyllic makeup designation. Make on-lookers question if you are human...or more human than human!.

'Batty' Lip Tar
'Zhora' Lip Tar
'Pris' Lip Tar
'Clockwork' Lip Tar
'Lovecraft' Lip Tar

'Annika' Lip Tar

          'Batty'        'Zhora'          'Pris'         'Clockwork'        'Lovecraft'        'Annika'


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