03 June, 2013

Holographic Hallucinations

Every now and then a trend comes along that you know is a total fad but you still buy in to it like crazy simply because you love it so much. 
That trend for me right now has got to be Holographic, I'm obsessed!.

Urban Outfitters Pewter Holographic Deena & Ozzy Envelope Clutch 

I mean you may as well stockpile the stuff whilst there is still an abundance of it in stores, I certainly have. 

Urban Outfitters Holographic BDG Black Carlton High Top Trainers
& Other Stories Holographic Glossy Belt
& Other Stories Holographic Card Holder

I'm not the type of person to care if a trend is "SO OVER!!" so I know I will still be wearing this pieces in the future regardless.

But what do you guys think of this trend? are you buying into like mad or do you think it's a lame gimmicky fad?



  1. I don't have any holographic things, but I think that everything you bought is really cool! like it a lot! and you have great sence of style, so you can make any trend yourself)

  2. Hi, Many many thanks for your posts with your holographic envelop clutch because thanks to you I found it on the american website of Urbanoutfitters and I am waiting for it (they do not have it on the French website ;-)) I love all your items (and your youtube video was all your purchases was very helpful), please keep going, I love your style!!
    A French fashionista, Virginie